Terms and Conditions

Thanks for visiting our website holltlif.is. By using the Hollt líf website, it is possible to order services for the preparation and delivery of meals specified on the website.

To place an order, you must log in to the holltlif.is page.

After selecting the correct food plan, calorie count, delivery date and confirmed order, the correct amount will be deducted from the credit card.

If authorization is not obtained, the order will not be processed. The seller reserves the right to cancel the order if there are incorrect information about the place of delivery. The right to confirm orders by telephone is reserved.

If you order before 10 am on a business day, you can receive it the evening the next day. Weekend shipments will be delivered on Saturday evening for two days- Sunday and Monday.

You may cancel or change the day or place of delivery until 10 am one business day before the service is provided, otherwise the order will be processed and the ordering party charged.

Content change
In some cases, the dish may be slightly different from what is advertised on the website. This is mainly due to the fact that some raw materials are not processed by suppliers, we try our best to get similar ingredients, and always in the same calorie count.

Delivery is included in the price of the order and there is no option to pick up. If your order is processed before 10 am can be delivered the next day.

It is not possible to change the menu in any way.

Uncontrollable conditions, such as bad weather, can occur. We reserve the right to postpone the delivery if that is the case. The food package will try to be delivered the next day and in accordance with the menu that day

When ordering, we ask that you provide very detailed information in the comment section about receiving, place and estimated time.

Home delivery and delivery of lunch packages
In the order process, you leave comments on where you want us to leave the package if you are not home. You may wish for the package to be left outside the house, in the garden, next door or whatever suits you best. If nothing is stated, the package is left in the lobby / staircase in case of unlocked apartment building, or outside the door. If the order deadline has expired, the delivery cannot be changed. Only available at the place mentioned on order.

Delivery takes place on weekdays within the time specified on the order form. The customer can specify in the order form the preferred delivery time within the available time, although they are not binding on the seller – the seller can deliver the order within a specified time. In the case of non-working days, meal delivery these days as part of the service is made on the last business day preceding those days, unless the service provider and the customer agree otherwise.

Law and venue
This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic law. If a case arises on his behalf, it shall be brought before the District Court.